Travel Journalism Ideas

Idea 1: Religious activities and festivals in the local area. I know the chalk festival gets covered a lot, but I’m curious to see if there are other religiously tied or related festivals.

Idea 2: I’ve taken several Spanish classes here at BYU and as part of the class we have to do cultural activities related to Hispanic culture. I’ve discovered that there are a lot of Hispanic cultural related places.

Idea 3: Cultural cuisines. I love other cultures and I know that there are many restaurants/hole in the wall places that offer cuisine unique to an area or culture. It would be interesting to see exactly what cultures are represented in Provo.

Idea 4: Local museums. Most people know the museums exist, but what are the unique aspects that no one knows about Provo museums. Like the TV show Mysteries at the Museum. What do visitors who visit a museum once not know or recognize. I know the printing museum has some unique artifacts that few other people in the world have. I’d like to know the stories behind some of the artifacts.


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