How To Ideas

Here are my current ideas for my How-To Article.

1- How to get involved as an introvert. I am an introvert and while I like going out and doing things, I often feel that I end up sitting on the sidelines and observing rather than participating. My freshman year I decided to get out more and while I’m still introverted, I’ve gotten better at interacting with others and doing social things. It can be hard to get out and do things as an introvert though, especially at BYU where everyone seems so social. Since there are mainly introverts and extroverts and a few in-between, this is relevant to about half of the population. This could go to the Universe or to another magazine or publication geared toward young adults and those who are on their own and looking to get out more.

2- How to organize a large event. I am a program director for Y-Serve at BYU. I help organize a yearly event that brings 1,100 5th and 6th graders to campus. It requires lots of organization and preparation to keep everything together and not lose children around campus. Organizing events, even on a small scale, is something that many people have to do at some point in their life time. It can be intimidating and quite daunting at times. This could be pitched to a business publication or to a holiday publication.

3- How to stalk people. I’ll probably alter the title a little bit if I choose this one, but my roommates are always telling me I have a knack for stalking people and finding things out. It might just be the journalistic nature within me, but I’m very good at finding out information about people. I call it utilizing my resources. This is relevant not in a creepy way. It can help if you need to find the number of someone to contact or if you want to find the contact information of someone you like. Many times while working for the Universe I would have to track down people to contact and that required my stalking skills. This could be pitched to any young adult publication, but I would probably just pitch this one to BYU.

4- How to survive American Heritage. I am an American Heritage TA and that is one of the classes that most students dread taking. I survived the class and got an A. I also know the other TAs and professors very well. The article would most likely go to the Universe at the beginning of Fall semester when the new freshmen arrive. It’s a more narrowed audience, but there are still large numbers of students on BYU campus enrolling in the course every semester.


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