Britt Lesser: Guest Speaker

Britt Lesser, a Brigham Young University Communications graduate, came to address current Communications students. “The world is run by those who show up” Lesser said. She emphasized the importance of showing up and attending meetings and conferences no matter how boring they may be at times. While Lesser was an intern in Washington D.C. she attended every meeting even though the meetings were sometimes boring. This established her as a reliable worker to her employers and allowed her to pursue many fun and exciting job opportunities in the future.

Lesser advised students to develop their passions and learn what interests them while here at BYU. “Take your passions and make them work for you” Lesser said. In a world where communications jobs are ever changing it is important to learn more about yourself and know what you want to do and then make goals to achieve your desired career path. Find someone who can help you achieve these goals. She advised finding someone who works in the student’s desired field and then finding out all about their job and what they do for a living.

She also emphasized that it is hard to prepare for every situation you face in the workplace. Developing marketable skills now will help students’ better face obstacles and challenges in the workplace. Students will face a lot of criticism in the work place. Lesser advised students to learn how to take constructive criticism in stride while here at BYU.

Lesser had to make a lot of tough choices and she took some calculated risks that helped her along her current career path. Her move to Washington D.C. was one of the toughest decisions she’s made, but she doesn’t regret her decision at all. It gave her experience and helped her develop leadership skills.

Lesser ended by reminding students that they not only represent themselves, but they also represent BYU. “Be consistent and do whatever is asked of you” Lesser said. Students’ future employers will notice their consistency in the jobs they are assigned and this will open many new doors for students to learn and grow.


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