Boston Marathon Bombings

None of us can easily forget the terror that the Boston Marathon bombings brought during April 2013. This event showed the power that social media has in our world today. News of the bombings spread like wild fire because of social media, tweets, and Facebook posts. The speed that social media brought awareness to the subject was good and bad.

Because everyone wanted to have the most current and up to date information lots of news stations published false facts and accusations without checking up on them. In our world of media we have forgotten that it is better to be late and right than to be early and wrong. This killed the reliability of some of these news organizations. Even in a world with media outlets all around us journalists need to make sure they get the truth and check facts.

While social media may not have always been correct this event showed the impact social media can have and showed us that we need to treat it with more respect. There is a great power in social media and being able to share and connect instantly. Many people were able to connect with friends and family instantly and find out if they were alright or not.

Like always there are those who don’t understand the seriousness of the subject. Multiple scams appeared; people pretending to be bombing victims to get monetary compensation, Facebook pages asking for money, and tweets asking to share a post to donate money to victims. While some pages and donations online were legitimate there were many that were not. This past Halloween there was also a girl who stupidly enough dressed up as a Boston Marathon bombing victim. She was fired from her job and has received some very severe threats through social media. (While I don’t think what she did was right I don’t support the severe criticism and threats she received.)

This event showed the importance of being more media literate. Knowing what information to believe and what information needs to be researched and checked. It also placed a greater check on information placed on social media. Journalists and citizens need to be faster and more accurate in the information they post. 


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