The Future of Journalism

When I chose to go into journalism many people told me it was a dead end. They saw journalism as a dying profession because of the Internet. The internet has had a profound impact upon journalism and how journalists work. However, this does not mean that journalism is dying; it simply means that journalism must evolve and find a way to make journalism through the internet profitable. Jobs aren’t shrinking, they are just changing.

Throughout the next few years the new phase of journalism will be created and we are the creators. It is up to us to innovate and create our future. Technology is rapidly advancing and journalists need to find a way to advance right along with it. This is the challenge to journalism, but it is not an end to it.

Journalists need to learn about and know how to work different forms of technology and different social media sites. With a greater knowledge of technology and what it can do journalists will have a better chance of finding and creating jobs for themselves. The more we know the more we are empowered to make a difference.

Social media sites are huge and when used properly can be a great help to journalism. Within two years Instagram had grown larger and become worth more than the New York Times, the largest and most nationally recognized newspaper. If journalists can effectively tap into these social media sites the growth that journalism could have would be unprecedented.

The key to success is to be creative and innovative. Think of a need that society has and fill it or take an existing technology and advance it. Find something that you are passionate about and find a way to make it profitable. While this might be a daunting task at times the possibilities that can be found are limitless. No one can stop you from succeeding and doing what you love if you have the drive and determination to do the impossible and seek out opportunities. There is a lot of potential for journalism to grow and expand with the right now how and determination.

So what will you create? It’s up to you. Now go do something.



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