Who Pays for Journalism

The Internet has revolutionized the way our world receives news. This has caused a decline in journalism. In order to keep newspapers up and running new funding methods are needed.

Some online publications have started charging per online viewing of articles. The New York Times has capitalized on this. While they have started charging per view there are several ways around blocks so that people can see what they are getting before they pay a subscription. Some other online news sources completely block their articles. When articles are completely blocked it discourages readers. No one wants to pay for something when they don’t know what they will be given. This is where the New York Times is different. By allowing readers to see select articles they attract readers who want more of what they see online. This new model and several others including Native Ads, grants, and citizen journalism will help revolutionize funding in journalism.

When journalists focus more on how they are going to get paid than their actual job the consumers are the ones who end up paying the most.

Journalists have a job to report on news and give the public the truth. The Ochs Model, created by Adolph Ochs, demonstrated this by putting the audience ahead of political and immediate interests. This preserved the role of journalists by putting truth ahead of political or financial gain. Journalists’ first loyalty should be to the citizens. However through the past several decades this had changed.

In order to succeed financially journalists had to evolve into business men. The business side of journalism challenged the independence that journalists are supposed to have. They had to be equally invested in the business side of journalism as well as reporting. This weakened the relationship journalists had with citizens because journalism became less about the news and more about money. This caused the loyalty journalists once had to citizens to fade.

Finding a balance between business and journalism is essential to keeping the institution alive. Journalists can’t forget about how they are paid, but they can’t forget who pays the ultimate price when the focus of journalism is money and not truth.


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October 14, 2013 · 8:08 pm

One response to “Who Pays for Journalism

  1. Sierra

    Hi Cara! Sierra from class here! Great job on this blog post! It’s so true that the balance between business and reporting is one of the major struggles in journalism right now. Loved your thoughts on some of the new methods for paying journalists also. Interesting stuff!

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