Faith in Journalism

Journalism, and media in general, at first glance may seem to be at odds with religion, but by taking a deeper look at the role media and journalism has played in developing the freedom of religion, it is clear that journalism and faith are compatible with each other. 

To begin, journalism helped rally support for the constitution and guaranteed freedom of religion. The Federalist papers, authored by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, were essentially a series of letters published in The New York Independent Journal. These letters helped persuade New York and other reluctant states to ratify the constitution. James Madison promised that if ratified a Bill of Rights would be added to the Constitution. It is in the Bill of Rights that we are guaranteed religious freedom. It is this religious freedom that allowed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to practice their religion.

Not only did journalism help set the stage for religious freedom, it helped facilitate the practice of religion by the average man. The development of the printing press allowed anyone who could read to learn from the bible on their own without the assistance of priests. This revolutionized the way the common man could learn and practice religion. Without the printing press and the freedom to read the bible the prophet Joseph Smith would not have been able to read the scriptures and find the answer to his question.

Despite the negative views many Latter-day Saints have about media and journalism it cannot be denied that both have played a significant role in religion by contributing to the freedom to practice religion and increased knowledge and learning.


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